Cattle Dog Digital appoints Saltire Capital Partners for strategic advice to scale profitably and manage risk through its hypergrowth phase

Strategic Advice

Cattle Dog Digital appoints Saltire Capital Partners for strategic advice to scale profitably and manage risk through its hypergrowth phase


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Cattle Dog Digital is a boutique agency that provides transformative revenue operations (RevOps) solutions and services to deliver remarkable business outcomes to its clients. The agency is experiencing hypergrowth, having doubled its growth year over year for five consecutive years. The team needed advice on how to best scale its business through its continued rapid growth. The Cattle Dog team appointed Saltire Capital Partners as its strategic advisor to optimise its capital structures for growth acceleration while managing risk and protecting cash flow.


Luke Orell and Sarah Harkness founded Cattle Dog Digital in 2015 with Nashir Uddin. They saw growing market demand for services to deliver genuinely measurable business outcomes, along the entire customer funnel, from marketing to financials. Cattle Dog’s experienced practitioners use leading technologies, including Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and FinancialForce, to execute full-funnel, end-to-end digital solutions that deliver businesses:

  • a single view of the customer
  • streamlined financial and ERP management
  • seamless marketing automation and activation
  • accurate, on-demand reporting
  • measurable revenue results.

Since its inception, customer uptake of Cattle Dog’s services was rapid, and the business grew quickly. The agency’s leadership team made fast, strategic decisions to support the expanding customer base, including hiring teams around the world and setting up an offshore centre of excellence.

Today, Cattle Dog Digital is an established global mid-market business supporting brands such as JB-Hi Fi, Fuji Xerox, Literacy Planet, True Alliance, Ascender Peoplestreme, and Bayer.

The opportunities and challenges of running a hypergrowth mid-market business

For the last five consecutive years, the agency has experienced double-digit growth year-over-year. As Cattle Dog continued to grow, Orell and Harkness realised the firm needed specialist advisory services to optimise future growth cycles while managing risk and protecting profits.

Sarah Harkness, co-founder and Director of Revenue Operations, says, “Many businesses dream of achieving hypergrowth, yet it demands certain skills to emerge on the other side successfully. It takes a laser focus on strategic planning, scaling, and preserving the organisation’s culture, ruthlessly managing risk, and protecting profitability. Cattle Dog reached an inflection point where we needed trusted expertise to help us stay aligned to these critical focus areas.”

Orell and Harkness were referred to Saltire Capital Partners by a mutual contact who had previously worked with Saltire’s executives.

After reviewing a shortlist of advisory firms, the Cattle Dog team engaged Saltire Capital Partners to help the agency optimise and scale its business.

Why Saltire Capital Partners?

Harkness says, “From the first meeting, the Saltire team made time to understand us as people and our organisational values. Their evident mid-market expertise, values alignment, and experience with professional services firms, like Grant Thornton, gave us confidence that Saltire was the right fit for our agency.

Orell says, “Working with Saltire helped us form strategic alliances that enabled us to continue focusing on delivering pedigree solutions and our rapid growth strategy. The guys at Saltire are truly best of breed!”

Following its appointment, the Saltire team has galvanised the Cattle Dog agency to align around common goals for the future. Saltire has helped the agency articulate its growth strategy and develop robust risk management plans. Saltire’s analysts have also guided Cattle Dog on how to optimise its capital structure and debt-to-equity ratios to improve working capital.

Harkness says, “Engaging a strategic advisory firm often means acknowledging what you don’t know, and that can be an intimidating process. For us, the partnership with the Saltire team has been seamless. They are excellent communicators, tell us what they need and when and educate us respectfully. They have eagle eyes on our business and pick up issues and opportunities that we don’t see because we’re moving so fast running the agency. We completely trust Saltire with our company.”

Peter Gardiner, Executive at Saltire Capital Partners, says, “Many hypergrowth companies face challenges optimising capital structures, managing risk, and stabilising profitability for sustainable business. Advising mid-market firms on overcoming these challenges is a sweet spot in our expertise. We’re energised by helping hypergrowth firms like Cattle Dog achieve their strategic business outcomes.”

 About Cattle Dog Digital

The Cattle Dog team delivers successful customer outcomes using best-of-breed governance delivery practice and expertise across all business functions, including sales, marketing, services, and finance. Cattle Dog’s experienced team build end-to-end solutions giving customers actionable business insights to achieve their strategic goals. Visit the Cattle Dog website for more information.