Capital Advisory Solutions | Saltire Capital Partners
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Capital Advisory Solutions


We’re focussed on addressing the gap in professional services and access to capital solutions for fast-growth, entrepreneurial, mid-market businesses in an increasingly challenging environment.

It’s what we do.

Saltire was founded for two main reasons: because we identified a gap in the market for professional services and capital solutions for fast-growth, entrepreneurial, mid-market businesses; and because we wanted to find new approaches to old and new problems.

Without any ties to products or imbedded service providers Saltire exists solely to provide advice to our clients. Innovative, agile and curious we maintain open minds and leverage significantly experienced networks to bring highly effective results to our clients. We don’t just offer services, we provide solutions.

Our advisory expertise includes but is not restricted to:

Capital Advisory

  • Identifying, evaluating and assessing suitable sources of capital
  • Sourcing private capital (equity, debt, mezzanine) for private investment opportunities including succession planning, management buy-outs, growth expansion, early stage/venture capital, acquisitions, and industry roll-ups
  • Balance sheet restructuring and debt refinancing

Lead Advisory

  • Mergers and Acquisitions advice in relation to private businesses
  • Identifying, evaluating and assessing acquisition targets
  • Identifying, evaluating and assessing potential buyers
  • Market value advice
  • Developing clear and concise transaction marketing material and messaging
  • Development of tailored go-to-market strategy
  • Transaction negotiation to achieve best price and value for our clients
  • Managing the due diligence process

Transaction Support Services

  • Buy-side or pre-acquisition due diligence and transaction support
  • Sell-side or vendor due diligence and transaction support
  • Financial modelling
  • Transaction readiness assessment and preparation
  • Transaction completion assistance
  • Financial and accounting advice with respect to the Sale and Purchase Agreement i.e. advice on completion mechanism and preparation and review of completion accounts

Business Support

  • Covenant compliance and navigating banking relationships
  • Budgeting and management forecasting
  • Management and board reporting
  • Strategic planning or reviews
  • Cashflow modelling and forecasting
  • Finance function effectiveness

And who we know.

We believe that at their core, the secret to all successful business transactions is simple: access. Whether it’s access to key decision-makers at enterprise-level entities, government agencies, family offices or even thought leaders, the value of a simple introduction cannot be overstated.

Our founding partners have cultivated active, long-term relationships across the commercial banking, private equity, venture capital and family office landscapes in Australia, New Zealand and all major international markets. This is the access you need to grow your business.

But don’t just take our word for it.