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Working Capital

Working capital management: what it is, and why it’s essential for mid-market firms to understand

Access to funding in the moment it is needed can fast become a critical success factor for mid-market businesses. Yet turning on a funding tap is increasingly complicated by regulations that have constrained the ability of traditional lenders to provide liquidity at an affordable cost, complicated lender risk management strategies,...

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Strategic Advice

Cattle Dog Digital appoints Saltire Capital Partners for strategic advice to scale profitably and manage risk through its hypergrowth phase

  About Cattle Dog Digital  The opportunity The partnership Cattle Dog Digital is a boutique agency that provides transformative revenue operations (RevOps) solutions and services to deliver remarkable business outcomes to its clients. The agency is experiencing hypergrowth, having doubled its growth year over year for five consecutive years. The team needed...

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Strata Funding

Saltire Capital Partners secures $5m funding for MarbleBlue from Lannock Strata Finance

MarbleBlue announces $5 million in strata funding through collaboration with Lannock Strata Finance, the leading lender to Australian strata corporations. The deal enables MarbleBlue to fund further energy and water efficiency projects in strata communities and continue to grow reference sites for its building cost–benefit predictive model. Simultaneously the deal extends...

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Saltire Capital Partners Insight Series: Six common pitfalls on the path to an IPO

Australian start-ups often face a particular funding conundrum. Locally, there aren’t huge capital reserves for early-stage companies to access as there are in other places, such as Silicon Valley. The Australian venture capital market is still emerging and populated by generalist firms, who shy away from specialist investment opportunities. Banks...

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